Admission Requirements

In this section, you will find information on how to apply to Marianopolis College, including entrance requirements for all programs and admission requirements depending on your situation. Please read the information carefully to avoid any delays in the evaluation of your file.

You may also wish to consult our FAQ section for the most frequently asked questions.

Minimum Entrance Requirements for Admissions

All Applicants

The basic entrance requirement for admission to Marianopolis College is the Quebec Diploma of Secondary Studies (Diplôme d’études secondaire) or its equivalent, including:

  • Secondary V Language of Instruction (English or Français)
  • Secondary V Second Language (French, Second Language or Anglais, langue seconde)
  • Secondary IV Mathematics
  • Secondary IV Science and Technology or Secondary IV Technological and Scientific Applications
  • Secondary IV History and Citizenship Education

Students from French system schools in Montréal, Collège international Marie de France et Collège Stanislas, must be completing their Seconde class level and any required program prerequisite complement courses. They must submit the equivalence letter from the Quebec Ministry of Education as well as successfully pass the Québec Histoire-éducation citoyenneté course.

Program Specific Requirements

In addition to the minimum entrance requirements listed above, some programs offered at Marianopolis have specific high school course prerequisites for admissions and additional application requirements.

Language Requirements

Proficiency in English

The language of instruction at Marianopolis is English. To help us identify students who may benefit from some extra help, Québec students attending French-language high schools will be required to take an English Language Placement Test after admission to the College.

Students attending schools outside of Canada, who have not studied in English as the primary language of instruction for a minimum of three years, are also required to submit results from TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) or another recognized language-proficiency test. Proof that you have registered for this examination should be included with your application; the results must be forwarded directly by the testing institution to the Marianopolis College Admissions Office as soon as they become available. Please consult the accepted tests or proficiency certificates and levels required for international admissions purposes.

For more information on the courses and services available to students requiring English language support, please visit the Plan for Success page of our website.

French Requirement

Current regulations stipulate that all students must take two French courses in order to complete CEGEP Diploma requirements. All applicants must be completing Secondary V or equivalent level French. French placement at Marianopolis is based on Secondary IV and V high school grades for Français langue seconde and Français langue maternelle. If the grade information is incomplete, you will be required to write a placement test after admission to the College.

Students found lacking a sufficient knowledge of French to enter the lowest level offered at Marianopolis will be required to take one or two extra French courses outside the college. Students may be required to follow a reduced course load if it is determined that their English and/or French skills are not adequate.