Applicants from Quebec Institutions

The basic entrance requirement for admission to Marianopolis College is the Quebec Diploma of Secondary Studies (Diplôme d’études secondaire), including:

  • Secondary V Language of Instruction (English or Français)
  • Secondary V Second Language (French, Second Language or Anglais, langue seconde)
    Secondary IV Mathematics
    Secondary IV Science and Technology or Secondary IV Technological and Scientific Applications
    Secondary IV History and Citizenship Education

Program Specific Requirements

In addition to the minimum entrance requirements listed above, some programs offered at Marianopolis have specific high school course prerequisites for admissions and additional application requirements.

Application Deadline

Fall admission – MARCH 1 
Winter admission – NOVEMBER 1

Applying to the College

Students can apply directly online by completing an online application through Omnivox.

Students attending a high school in Quebec, will need to send to the Admissions Office after submitting an application:

  • A clear copy of your official long-form birth certificate (with both parents’ names indicated)
  • An official translation of your birth certificate in English or French (if required)
  • Proof of Canadian citizenship or permanent residency (if required)
  • A letter of intent (if applying to the Arts and Science, Honours Science or Liberal Arts programs)
  • Winter admission – A letter explaining motivation to attend Marianopolis College and what you have been doing since graduation

Important: If your high school does not have an agreement with SRAM for automatic grade transmissions, please send your most recent Secondary V report card. If you have not studied in a Quebec high school for the past two years, please send in your report card which includes the last two years of your studies outside of Quebec.

    Note: It is your responsibility to submit all required documents. An incomplete admission file may result in a delay in the assessment of your file or cancellation. Please write your seven-digit online application number on all supplemental documents.

    What to send in case of extenuating circumstances:

    • A letter from a doctor describing major illness/accidents
    • A short letter explaining your situation

      Late Applications

      Applications received with a time-stamp after 11:59 p.m. on the deadline date will be considered only after all regular applications have been reviewed, if at all, and only if space is still available within the College.

      Proficiency in English

      The language of instruction at Marianopolis is English. To help us identify students who may benefit from some extra help, all students will be required to take an English Language Placement Test after admission to the College.

      For more information on the courses and services available to students requiring English language support, please visit the Plan for Success page of our website.

      French Requirement

      Current regulations stipulate that all students must take two French courses in order to complete CEGEP Diploma requirements. All applicants must be completing Secondary V or equivalent level French. French placement at Marianopolis is based on Secondary IV and V high school grades for Français langue seconde and Français langue maternelle. If the grade information is incomplete, you will be required to write a placement test after admission to the College.

      Students found lacking a sufficient knowledge of French to enter the lowest level offered at Marianopolis will be required to take one or two extra courses outside the college. Students may be required to follow a reduced course load if it is determined that their English and/or French skills are not adequate.

      Evaluation of Applicants

      The Admissions Committee reviews each application individually, carefully considering the following:

      • The overall average of both final Secondary IV results and Secondary V term results
      • The performance of the student in each program-related and/or prerequisite course
      • The performance of the student in each required English/Anglais course

      Applicants who believe their academic record is not a true indication of their ability should submit an explanatory letter when applying, as well as a copy of all relevant transcripts.

      Though we make every effort to accommodate our applicants, please note that it may not be possible to consider grades and/or letters received after the published deadline.

      Notice of Decision

      Notices of conditional acceptance are sent out at the end of March and throughout the month of April. Final acceptance is contingent upon successful completion of all entrance requirements, as well as applicable program prerequisites and is automatic once these conditions have been met. We send a letter to every applicant regardless of the decision.

      Note: all offers of acceptance will be withdrawn from applicants whose file remains incomplete at Marianopolis, or who do not graduate from high school and complete the requirements to enter CEGEP.