Arrivederci Montreal, ciao Roma: summer course in Italy on Ancient Rome

Recruitment Office Course, Faculty

Marianopolis College students in all programs have the chance to give their studies an international flavour. Whether it’s Eastern religion in the Himalayas, environmental ethics in the Bahamas, global trade in Germany or sustainability in Costa Rica, the Marianopolis classroom is the world.

The latest international course offered by the College will immerse students in Ancient Rome. After spending two weeks on campus learning about Rome’s history, they will travel to the Eternal City, where their classroom studies will come to life. Professor Rachel Levine will coordinate with the Pantheon Institute to guide students through various monuments, museums and sites that showcase and reflect many historic periods of this most significant and memorable city. They will also visit Florence and nearby sites.

“Rome is my favourite city. Every corner is alive with voices from the ancient world,” says Professor Levine, who has a doctorate in Ancient Studies from the University of Toronto. “Walk the same stones Julius Caesar stepped on, feel the damp air of Gaulish chieftan Vercingetorix’s prison, be dazzled as banqueters once were by Nero’s Golden House. Then see how Renaissance masters Donatello, Michelangelo and Raphael took all that good classical stuff and made it their own. It’s such an immersive learning experience to be there. Come afternoon, watch the world walk by Trevi Fountain while eating the best gelato ever made. They don’t call it la dolce vita for nothing.”

The new, five-week summer course will count as a Humanities or a Complementary course, depending on each student’s program and the courses they’ve already taken.