Why pay for private?

Why pay for college when CEGEP education is just about free? At Marianopolis we have an unmatched, century-old track record of educational excellence. Being private means that more of our students graduate on time than do students at public colleges. Every year, nine out of 10 of our students are accepted by their first-choice university, many of them to their first-choice program. Preparing students for the world’s top universities is what we do best and we’ve been doing it for over a century.

We offer a supportive atmosphere that no public college can provide. Our classes are, on average, 25% smaller than at public colleges. The staff and faculty we hire are dedicated to our students. From our academic advisors to our financial aid staff to our club animators, our staff are easy to reach and have drop-in hours. All Marianopolis employees know that their No. 1 purpose is to help you succeed.

As for tuition, yes, we charge it. We also offer scholarships and other kinds of financial help, based on need and merit, to about one out of four of our students.

We call all this “The Marianopolis difference.” And by that we mean that we give to our students the immense advantage of having been admitted to an excellent school where every person and every resource is dedicated to student success.

Our classes are on average
smaller than at public colleges