Are you coming from a French high school?

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Welcome! Almost half of our students join us after completing high school studies in French. Thanks to the individualized support that we offer them, they become part of our tradition of student success. Sometimes, students worry that they’ll be at a disadvantage because they are stronger in French than in English. The fact is, the performance of our motivated French-background students equals that of students from English schools!

How does this happen?

After you are accepted, you take an English Placement Test. Please note that the test does not affect the status of your admission to the College, it only serves to put you in the right level language class. For example, one of our first-semester English courses puts more emphasis on practical aspects of reading and language skills, while another focuses more on literature. Both offer the same credit and are equal in terms of difficulty and workload.

As a Marianopolis student, you have access to as much or as little English support in our Writing Centre as you need or want,  at no extra cost for you. We offer workshops and one-on-one help to improve your ability to read, write and speak English. For example, throughout the month of April we are offering workshops on everything from how to pronounce words accurately to how to structure sentences correctly. All you have to do is come to the Writing Centre. There is no need to sign up. The Writing Centre’s staff, which include a full-time Writing Professional and dedicated English monitors, are well loved by our students. We hope to see you in the Writing Centre!