Ensuring a lively student life for Marianopolis students

Recruitment Office Advice, Student Life

The fact that her office has two entrances tells you that a great number of activities take place in her area: meet Louise McLellan, Marianopolis College’s Student Life Director, who heads up everything from financial aid to counselling, student clubs to sports.

How long have you worked at the College?

I’ve come full circle. I started at Marianopolis in 1989 as the part-time Sports Animator in Student Services. I also taught a few Physical Education classes such as canoe camping, winter camping and rock climbing. I’ve been Student Services Director since 2002.

What is a typical day like for you as Student Services Director?
There is no such thing as a typical day! I have two doors leading into my office and I never know who’s going to come in. It might be someone in my department who needs help dealing with a problem, it could be a student who’s looking for help or has an idea for a new project. The possibilities are endless and the students keep coming up with new ways to surprise me.

What is your favorite thing about your job?

When I can remove myself from my office and computer and I get to see what our students are thinking about, working on or involved in.

Tell us a bit about your department.

We provide a number of services to our students, everything from financial aid and scholarships to personal and vocational counselling, student life animation for all of our many clubs, opportunities to play intercollegiate or intramural sports, help for first-aid emergencies and so much more.

What is the philosophy of the Marianopolis Student Services Department?

We want to let students know that there is more to Marianopolis than just academics. At Marianopolis 102, which takes place in August before the beginning of classes, we let our new students know about all the support services available to them at the College and we encourage them to get involved in student life – in the clubs, sports, volunteer opportunities, student government.

How can students access services from your area?

If students want to make an appointment to see a counsellor they can do so through Omnivox or by coming to see a counsellor during drop-in hours. Students who are looking to get involved in student life can drop by the west end of the A-100 wing and speak to our Student Life animators, Trudy, Adam and Véro. If students have any type of question and don’t know who to speak to, then they can drop by Wayne’s World in A-101 or see Josie in A-106.