Feel the Student-for-a-Day love in February!

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Everybody knows that February means Valentine’s Day. But do you know what else is all about feeling the love? The Marianopolis Student-for-a-Day program. Seriously, high school students tell us that they love Student-for-a-Day!

It takes place during February, Tuesdays through Fridays starting at 9 a.m., and it’s an amazing opportunity to get to know Marianopolis.

As a Marianopolis student for the day, you get to:

  • meet our friendly and knowledgeable Admissions staff
  • spend time with some of our amazing Silver Key student ambassadors, touring the campus and learning about student life
  • check out a list of all of the available classes taking place that day and decide which ones you want to attend
  • hang out with your friends who already attend the College.

If you love music, we hold a special Student-for-a-Day session just for you, Mondays at 2:30 p.m., where you can learn all about our Music program and our Double DECs in Music.

So sign up and feel the love! If any of your high school friends are interested in Marianopolis, sign up together.

And don’t forget how easy it is to get to the College. The Villa Maria metro stop is just a 10-minute walk and the 124 shuttle bus from Vendôme drops you off right in front of the school.

See you soon!