Financial Aid

“Marianopolis welcomes students from all cultures, faiths and social and economic backgrounds…” Those words are taken from the College’s Mission. For students and families who are considering Marianopolis, it means that the tuition that the College charges is offset for one in five students by several types of financial support.

What Help Does the Government Provide?

The Quebec Government Student Loans and Bursaries Program (Aide financière aux études or AFE) gives interest-free loans based on need, not academic performance, for the duration of full-time studies. It also gives gifts of money, called bursaries; to qualify, a student must have already been awarded the maximum loan. Students should apply as early as the end of May or a minimum of four to six weeks before the start of classes. The AFE’s assistance assessment simulator gives an approximate idea of how much of a loan they can expect.

Marianopolis Tuition Credit

Students who apply for tuition credit and who are admitted to the College will receive a letter letting them know whether they will receive the credit. The letter will arrive before they must confirm whether they will accept the College’s admissions offer. Students who do qualify for tuition credit must also qualify for the Quebec government’s Student Loans and Bursaries Program (Aide financière aux études or AFE). They can apply online with AFE starting at the end of May. Before then, they can get an approximate idea of how much of a loan they can expect by using the AFE’s assistance assessment simulator.

How do I apply for Tuition Credit?

Complete the online Tuition Credit application form.

Book Lending Program

In order to help defray the cost of textbooks, the College, with the assistance of generous donors, has established a Book Lending Program for students receiving financial aid. Students may borrow one or more textbooks required for their courses for the duration of the semester. Book Lending Request Forms are available online roughly two weeks before the start of classes each term.

What is a Marianopolis loan?

Marianopolis loans are interest free and are available to students who find themselves in immediate financial distress. These loans are short term and must be repaid within a period of time acceptable to both the student and the College. Students who wish to obtain loans should apply in person at the Financial Aid Office. Please see Kathryn Fitzpatrick, Room A-123A, (514) 931-8792, ext. 226.