An inviting space to study and research

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Ask just about anybody who studies or teaches at Marianopolis about the College’s library and you’ll be told that it’s a beautiful space full of useful resources and helpful experts.

Located in a former chapel, the Marianopolis Library occupies three floors. The main floor of the Library was renovated in the summer of 2013 to increase the number of seats for students. At the same time, the renovation was an opportunity to showcase the important heritage of the site. Reminders of the chapel were preserved and remain present throughout the location: the overhanging study loft once housed the chapel’s organ and the librarians’ offices are located where the altar used to be. The white paint on the walls creates shadows that highlight the interesting physical details and varied textures on the ceiling and on the walls. As well, elegant Italian marble graces the floor. And what other room boasts impressive windows with 29 panes of glass each? Not a bad environment in which to study.

The physical space works hand in hand with the Library’s online space. Students can access thousands of online journals and ebooks, on campus or from home. And did you know that the Library offers at least one copy of every book that is being taught at the College?

The librarians are ready to help students learn how to use these convenient resources. In addition to being available in the Library, the librarians frequently speak to students in class, about how to get the most out of the multitude of resources offered.