It’s all about the aha! moments

Recruitment Office Faculty

Yogi and Quebec Historian Kareen Latour is just one of many Marianopolis professors who are dedicated to supporting students in the classroom and beyond.

Which classes have you taught in your 10 years at the College?

Right now I only teach Quebec History as I am the Chair of Social Science and Commerce but I have taught all the history classes offered at Marianopolis, including History of Western Civilization, American History and Regional History: History of Montreal.

What about outside the classroom?

I have been the faculty advisor of our Tournoi Jeunes Démocrates team since 2004 and I have been a faculty advisor for the Marianopolis Model UN Club since 2013.

What’s your favourite thing about teaching here?

Seeing that aha! moment in the eyes of the students. Triggering a good debate that leads to a greater understanding of an issue.

What piece of advice would you give to incoming students?

Ask for help when you feel overwhelmed. Pick a college that suits you. Choose a program that inspires you. Do what you love.