Lose yourself in MOOSE Camp and make friends, have fun

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If you are considering Marianopolis College, there is one word you should know: MOOSE. It stands for Marianopolis Outdoor Orientation Student Experience and it’s awesome!

“MOOSE Camp is a fun way for students both new and returning to meet each other outside of school hours,” explains Student Life Animator Adam Reider. “Getting together and having fun is something that students really like to do so we create this event every September to let students mingle, have fun and get to know each other before the semester gets too busy.

“We play games, have a BBQ and set up a giant screen to watch a movie. This year it’s Incredibles 2. After that we’ll have a campfire, roast marshmallows and then head to our tents. The next morning we’ll have a delicious breakfast and head home … probably to sleep for real this time.”

This year MOOSE Camp takes place on September 21-22. As happens every year, it is in large part financed by the Marianopolis Student Congress, which helps keep the price to $10 per student.

For Adam, the event is priceless. “Seeing students having fun is one of my favourite things. There’s a moment when people are fully engaged and into an activity and things like self-consciousness disappear and they are just having fun and being silly – it seems so pure to me and it makes me very happy.”