Competitiveness at Marianopolis? Not so fast, says creator of student-to-student forum

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Like many others at the College, Stephanie Wang wanted to put to rest the rumour that Marianopolis students compete with each other.

With a personal familiarity of what it’s really like to be a Marianopolis student and with a love of computer programming, she founded a club that manages a website on which she and her fellow students share study tips and class notes and generally help each other out with their classes.

“Marianopolis offers many services to support its students and we the students support each other. Any talk about students betraying one another for personal success is just not true. That’s certainly not something that we have found to be true,” says the Health Science student and Royal West Academy alumna who sharpened her programming skills and created the site during the summer after her first year at Marianopolis.

The Mario Study Forum is run by a group of students who are interested in programming and web design or who simply enjoy helping their classmates in their studies. Members with coding experience or who wish to learn, combined their knowledge to develop the forum. Other members are charged with promoting the forum, testing for proper functionality and managing the posts.

The group’s first major project was to release a fully functional version of the website in late January. The current project that the club is working on is giving the website a style push. While improving the design, members are also developing additional features for the site.

“The idea is to continue to provide a place where students can ask questions and have them answered by fellow students who have taken the particular course or who have a specific answer based on their own experience with the subject matter,” says Stephanie. “It’s what happens on campus all the time. We’re just putting it online so it’s more accessible.”