Marianopolis gives you ‘the opportunity to explore,’ says alumna

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Not sure what you want to study? You are not alone. Just ask Stefania Montuoro. She graduated from Marianopolis in 2010 and is now a Student Recruitment and Admissions Associate at the College.

“When I first started as a student at Marianopolis I really had no idea what I wanted to do. At first I thought that I wanted to be a psychologist but I couldn’t seem to commit to that path. So, I took the core classes that I needed to graduate in what was then called the Creative Arts, Literature and Languages program. But I was also fortunate enough to explore many other areas of interest, including religious studies as part of my program. Those classes in particular served as an introduction to my passion: communication. It was astounding to me how Dr. Vanessa Sasson could lecture a room full of students from different backgrounds about a subject as weighty as religion with such charisma and grace. Of all the things I learned in my classes at Marianopolis, the part that stands out the most was how Dr. Sasson taught her classes, more than what she taught, and it was all in the way she communicated the material. After my two years here, I knew I wanted to find a way to apply that in my own profession and that’s what led me to Communication and Cultural Studies.

“Without even fully realizing it at the time, Marianopolis allowed me to discover what I wanted to do simply because I was given the opportunity to explore. I took art history and language classes, I made friends on the Arts Trip to Boston and I learned how to work as a team through my involvement in ArtsFest, the two-week celebration of the arts that takes place every April all over the College.

“I spent a lot of time in the art room, where I learned to silkscreen T-shirts for the event. I also participated in the vernissage, where I displayed my integrative project, and I attended a live reading by some of the faculty. ArtsFest was definitely my favorite part of my Marianopolis experience.”

After Marianopolis, the Royal West Academy graduate majored in Communication and Cultural Studies at Concordia University. Fascinated by social media, she went on to help rebrand a travel agency and is now back at her beloved Marianopolis, familiarizing high school students with the College.

“Returning to Marianopolis feels like I’ve come home again. I am no longer a student but the sense of community that I discovered in 2008 is just as apparent today. I made lots of friends in my two years here with whom I am still friends today, who have all chosen very different and fascinating career paths. All my peers were driven to do well in their classes not only so they could get into university but also so that they could be successful beyond that next step. We all motivated each other to do well simply because it was important to us. We shared a camaraderie that I still treasure and that I am happy to see students sharing today.”