Our Academic Advisors

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If you are a high school student, college is the next step of your education. To help you plan your studies and eventually apply to university, Marianopolis offers you the expert support of three academic advisors.

Pauline Gregoire, Patti McDonald ’79 and Andrea Prokos ’09 are available to meet with every weekday. Students can book online a 30-minute appointment with them or speak to one of them without an appointment during their drop-in hours five days a week.

Each academic advisor offers support in all aspects of academic life at the College and helps students as they consider and apply to university.

“We help students understand and navigate their program at Marianopolis and make informed decisions about what to study in university,” says Patti, who also supports the College’s elite student-athletes through the Alliance Sport-Études. “We also provide information about the R-Score, university prerequisites and the university application process. Basically, we help students develop strategies for academic success at Marianopolis and university.”

We have about 4,000 face-to-face meetings with students in a given year,” says Andrea. “While some students see us only once, many return several times throughout their studies.”

The advisors also hold information sessions, covering a wide range of topics, from understanding your program and writing university admission essays, to gaining admission to competitive university programs such as Medicine and Law.

They welcome representatives from universities across Quebec, the rest of Canada, the United States and Europe to answer students’ questions about their programs and the application process.  

“Don’t wait until your last semester to start thinking about university,” Pauline suggests. “Although you still have plenty of time to make your final decision about where and what you’ll study, use your first year at Marianopolis to learn about programs and schools that might interest you and take the time to attend universities’ open houses and information sessions.