Registration Preparation Session (Orientation 101) – May 27

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If you are starting Marianopolis as a new student in the Fall, mark down Saturday, May 27 in your calendar. That is when the Registration Preparation Session (also known as Orientation 101) takes place. Find out the exact time of your appointment on Omnivox. At the session, you will learn how to select your classes and create your Fall schedule. Attendance is mandatory for students currently attending a Quebec high school.

Depending on your particular situation, you can expect to be at the College for one to three hours. For example, you may be required to take the French Placement Test. To determine whether you need to write a test, consult the Admissions Handbook that you received with your letter of admission. You will also be notified in Omnivox, so be sure to check regularly!

None of this affects your admission. You have already been accepted. What the tests do is help faculty assess your knowledge level and thus better support you in your studies.

Do you want to plan your visit on Saturday? We’ve included a map with all the activities by program.

Science, Arts and Sciences and Music, incl. Double DECs session at 9 am. Download the map for Science, Arts and Science, Music and Double DECs

Social Science, incl. Commerce, Arts, Literature and Communication and Liberal Arts session at 10:45 am. Download the map for Social Science, Commerce, Liberal Arts and ALC

Something else to plan for the day: meeting new friends and participating in our selfie challenge! Make sure you check out the #marianopolis101 selfie challenge video for instructions! We will be giving away lots of Marianopolis swag to a slew of winners who will be selected the week after Orientation.

Please bring in your Educational Services Contract for the Fall 2017 session. It must be signed on both sides by you and a parent or guardian.  You can bring the contract in when you come to your Registration Preparation Session. The contract can be found in ‘Messages and Documents Intended for you’ in Omnivox.  Students must submit their original signed contract before registering for their courses to the Student Records Office – Room A211.  Please take note we do not accept contracts sent by fax or e-mail.

We look forward to seeing you on May 27!

[feature style=”” icon=”icon-globe” title=”Students currently residing outside of Quebec: don’t worry! You do not need to attend on May 27. Other arrangements will be made to provide you with this information.” iconurl=”http://” url=http://]