Amazing, accessible faculty

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“There are a number of things I really enjoy about Marianopolis and at the top of the list are the students,” says Professor Stewart Daly, who has taught Biology and Organic Chemistry at Marianopolis College since 2001 and has served as chair of the Science Department.

“They are very attentive and ask challenging questions, which at times go beyond the material we are studying. They make the learning experience fun both for themselves and for us as teachers.

“As well, the size of the College is very attractive,” says Professor Daly, who holds a PhD. in Biochemistry from the University of Western Ontario. “We’re a small college. I try to get to know my students by name by the second week of class.”

It was thanks to his interactions with former Marianopolis students that he left an assistant professorship at McGill University’s Department of Medicine to come teach at the College.

“At McGill and the Montreal General Hospital Research Institute, the Marianopolis graduates always stood out in their enthusiasm, motivation and desire to learn. Interacting with them made me think of expanding my teaching career.”

He remains happy about that decision: “Teaching at Marianopolis extends beyond the classroom. Here, if we choose to, we can have the unique experience of a teacher and a mentor. Our open-door policy means I have the opportunity to spend numerous hours each semester talking to students about their academic path and their future careers. The students feel comfortable walking into our offices and discussing anything with us.”