Student Life Animators

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A great vibe, a relaxing place to hang out, plus help in organizing everything from sports and clubs to events, fundraisers and volunteer work – that is what waits for you at the offices of the student life animators at Marianopolis College. 

If you come to Marianopolis, you are sure to get help from these three dynamic people. Thanks to the expertise and can-do attitude of Véronique Champoux, Adam Reider and Trudy Ste. Croix ’92, Marianopolis students have access to more activities and experiences outside the classroom than at any other college.

The trio help students to organize events, start and run clubs, put on shows and charity drives, enjoy being a part of the College’s several intercollegiate and club teams, volunteer – and those are just a few aspects of student life at Marianopolis.

Here is what they had to say about the unparalleled student life experience that awaits future Marianopolis students.

Life outside the classroom

Trudy: “Being part of a club is a great way to meet people. It allows you to get together with people with similar interests and maybe even try something you never thought you would do.”

Véronique: “I grew up playing soccer. I played competitively for about 20 years. Being involved in athletics at the College, whether it’s intramurals or a team, gives you so much. It’s fun and you get a sense of belonging. You meet people, make new friends and increase your self-esteem. Plus, you get cool Demons gear and access to the candy in our office!”

Trudy: “We are known for academic excellence at Marianopolis. Our student life also sets us apart.”

Adam: “I do a lot of coordination for the Recognition of Student Involvement initiative, which means I support our many students who dedicate themselves to volunteer work. I also get to meet with students for various other things like getting club activities off the ground and planning events or trips.”

Trudy: “I remember clearly when the admission representatives from various CEGEPs came to my high school. Marianopolis sounded like a place I would fit in. When I visited the campus, I immediately fell in love. The atmosphere was welcoming and you could tell there was something special about this place. I applied, was accepted and received financial support from the College. I had a great time while studying and I was fortunate enough to take part in a three-week exchange to Germany. I was a member of the Dance Club and performed in the Theatre Club’s production of Grease, The Musical. I remember all the great events that Student Services and Congress organized, from comedy in the Caf to dance-a-thons and fundraising dinners and the annual Talent Show.”

It’s all about the student

Véronique: “I’m here to chat, listen and help.”

Adam: “I’m a film director and I used to do stand-up comedy. I’m a creative kinda guy and I bring that energy to every connection I have with students.”

Véronique: “I recruit scorekeepers for sports events. This is an occasional job for athletes. We give priority to students who are on financial aid.”

Adam: “Meeting with students is the best part of the job!”