Arts and Sciences: because you shouldn’t have to choose between your passions

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Why choose between your many interests? Not when the Marianopolis Arts and Sciences program allows you to do a deep dive into a variety of areas of study and prepare for almost every field of university study including medical school while you are a part of a tight group of peers!

“It was the community feeling that drew me to the program,” remembers Naomi Wiseman-Beese, a second-year Arts and Sciences student and a graduate of Alexander Galt Regional High School, a public English-language school in Lennoxville. “It impressed me and I felt it when I met A&S teachers when I visited Marianopolis during Open House.”

Has the program lived up to her expectations?

“Yes and I love hanging out with my A&S cohort,” she says.

Kevin Wu shares that sentiment. He says, “There is a strong support system among the A&S students. We are in a text group chat and we snapchat.” Kevin is in his second semester as an Arts and Sciences student. He came to Marianopolis from Collège Charlemagne, a private French school in Pierrefonds.

“I needed to be sure the Science component was a solid base of courses that would keep my options open. And it absolutely is. A&S is the perfect program for me. It’s for students who want to reach their full potential. If you want to discover the whole world, A&S offers a full feeling of what the world has to offer.

“It is such a bonus being in a small cohort. Being able to hang out together has such a huge beneficial effect in contributing to success.”

Another bonus for Marianopolis Arts and Sciences students is the ongoing integration of subject matter: for example, after an idea is examined in a Humanities course, it is reexamined in a Social Science course, deepening and enhancing understanding.

So if you want to study all the subjects you love within a tight-knit community with a reputation for excellence and with small classes, consider Marianopolis and Arts and Sciences.

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