Career Day 2019: another example of a student-centred college

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When Marianopolis students wanted advice on how to proceed after graduation, they sought help from College staff. They asked if they could speak to former Marianopolis students to find out what steps they took to reach their academic and professional dreams.

In typical Marianopolis fashion, where the priority is the needs of the students, the staff created Career Day: an afternoon where students could choose among workshops with former students, then mingle and chat in a low-key setting.

“For some, speaking with alumni provides a sense of security, that once they leave Marianopolis, they’ll find success in their respective fields; and for others, it is an opportunity to understand the advantages of taking extracurricular activities or being in a specific program in terms of their own professional development,” said second-year student Meghan Couture. “Above all, it creates a broader sense of community, that the Marianopolis experience extends beyond two years in a school and far beyond only the students we meet during our time at the College.

“Personally, it is an opportunity to start networking with people who work in the field I’d like to pursue, but also to relate to them and compare where I am now to where they are. Am I prepared to do what they do? Should I consider new activities or specific jobs?”

Each of the four workshops was led by a Marianopolis graduate who now works at the College.

Biology and Chemistry Professor Audrey Goldner-Sauvé ’76 facilitated a panel featuring former Science students:

  • Nivatha Balendra ’14, who is completing her Bachelor’s in Physiology (Minor: International Development) at McGill University; she is a TEDx speaker and the CEO and founder of Dispersa Inc., which creates a biodegradable, cost-effective and novel method of remediating oil contamination sites
  • Koray Demir ’13, a former Marianopolis Student Union president who is a resident physician at the McGill University Health Centre and the co-founder of the Community Health and Social Medicine incubator, which connects McGill students with project ideas to a network of business and nonprofit public health leaders
  • Adamo Donovan ’13, a PhD candidate in Experimental Medicine at McGill University and the co-founder of the ICU Bridge Program, which improves the logistics that visitors face when visiting a loved one in intensive care
  • Roy Eappen ’80, an endocrinologist at St. Mary’s Hospital.

Business Administration Professor Jacqueline De Stefano ’04 ran a panel featuring former Commerce students:

  • George Angelopoulos ’05, a corporate law specialist at Richter  
  • Maggie Borowiec ’96, the Manager, Major Gifts and Stewardship at Moisson Montreal, Canada’s largest food bank
  • Charles Zane ’03, a CPA and commercial banker with expertise in credit analysis and credit risk management; founder of The Zane Group, an educational consulting company aimed at candidates pursuing the CPA; he is also a Career and Professional Development lecturer at McGill University.

Student Life Animator Trudy Ste. Croix ’96 facilitated a panel with:

  • Kim Fuller ’93, a former Creative Arts student who founded and is creative director of Phil Communications, a firm specializing in non-profit communications
  • Brooke Struck ’06 , a former Creative Arts student who is Research Director at The Decision Lab, a leading think-tank with clients such as The World Bank
  • Laura Lalonde ’14, a former Creative Arts student who is the Multimedia Producer at XMedius and a freelance photographer and videographer
  • Francesca Lo Dico ’86, a former Liberal Arts student who is an award-winning author and former publishing-world executive; she was news editor of the Marianopolis student newspaper, editor in chief of Concordia University’s The Link and president of the Canadian University Press.