To help its elite student-athletes balance academics and athletic training and competition, Marianopolis partners with Alliance Sport­-Études. Recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education, the Alliance comprises 42 colleges, le Cégep à distance, eight universities and over 50 sports federations. 

Are you in a Sport-Études program in high school and you don’t want to choose between your competitive edge and an excellent pre-university education? Then consider Marianopolis: our partnership with Alliance Sport-Études and our century-long tradition of supporting our students means you get to succeed both in sports and academics.

We designed our Sport-Études program for athletes like you, strong students who want to continue with their chosen sport. That’s why every year, elite athletes choose Marianopolis as their entry to the world’s top universities, many of them in their first-choice program.

At Marianopolis, you don’t have to compromise your choice of college in order to continue with your athletic training. Your unique needs as a high-performing student-athlete are cared for: you achieve both your athletic and educational goals without losing your competitive edge or sacrificing your academic success.

As a future Marianopolis student-athlete you get:

  • Adapted educational services, including priority registration to create a class schedule that meets your training and competition needs
  • Extended studies into additional semesters, if you would like them
  • Online courses via Cégep a distance
  • Access to a designated academic advisor at Marianopolis, who works closely with you throughout your studies
  • Personalized support from the academic success counsellor at Alliance Sport-Études
  • Opportunities to win scholarships through the Alliance’s foundation.

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What Marianopolis student-athletes have to say

"Thanks to the College’s partnership with Alliance Sport-Études, I was able to compete at the 2018 World Championships in Hangzhou, China, where I placed seventh in the 4×100 medley relay. Also, I was named Female High Point award winner at the Canadian Junior Championships. Marianopolis always ensured that I was able to accommodate my busy schedule with my academic ambition. Whether it was pre-registering for my courses or finding a date to make up exams I had missed due to my competitive swimming, the College wanted me to succeed both in the classroom and the pool.”

AELA JANVIER, Class of '19, Health Science, nationally ranked swimmer

"Marianopolis really helped me manage the student-athlete profile. First, teachers were extremely understanding and supportive of my balancing studies and skating. I always had open communication with teachers when it came to tests or assignments. Second, Marianopolis found ways for me to not fall behind when I returned from competing away. Finally, the fact that Marianopolis considers my sport to match the goals of physical education classes allows me to minimize my course workload. Marianopolis ensures that student athletes excel in both their activities, school and sport."

VICTORIA GLIGORIJEVIC, Class of ‘19, Social Science - Commerce, internationally ranked synchronized figure skater

"Marianopolis has been accommodating and helpful at every step of the way. They help all their athletes achieve and surpass their academic and sporting goals. I left for months at a time because of my sport, yet I still excelled in the classroom as a Pure and Applied student. This commitment to student excellence has allowed me to continue to pursue my dream of making the Olympics and having a career in law.”

PAUL MANDELOS, Class of '20, Pure and Applied Science, ranked 11th in Canada in skeleton