Marianopolis teachers demonstrate an undeniable passion for education. The Award for Excellence in Teaching recognizes a teacher who demonstrates the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that characterize the Excellence in Teaching Profile. The recipient is granted the prestigious Mention d’honneur at the Association québécoise de pédagogie collégiale’s annual meeting.




Professor Andrew Burton received the 2020 Excellence in Teaching Award for his many efforts in and out of the classroom. An English teacher at the College since 2010, he has a particularly positive effect on students and plays a central role in the life of the institution.

He has researched, implemented and demystified Universal Design for Learning, a pedagogical framework that helps teachers more effectively respond to students’ enormous diversity. Also, he has supported the professional development of his fellow faculty by fostering peer observation, which consists of teachers observing each other in their classrooms, and by designing a peer mentorship program in which he served as a mentor.



History Professor Kareen Latour was recognized with the 2019 Excellence in Teaching Award for exemplifying the core Marianopolis value of providing students with a transformative education. Since she began teaching at the College in August 2004, Professor Latour has embodied the distinct characteristics of a Marianopolis teacher, fostering excellence in students and supporting them in the classroom and beyond.

Professor Latour was nominated by Marianopolis faculty and staff and several of her former and current students, all of whom spoke in glowing terms of her skills in the classroom and her dedication to them, be it during office hours or as the faculty mentor of the award-winning Marianopolis Model UN club.




Former longtime Professor Tamara Zakon became the first recipient of the Marianopolis Excellence in Teaching Award at her retirement in January 2018, after nearly 50 years of teaching Mathematics at the College.

Professor Zakon was one of the key people who over the decades helped shape Marianopolis into the storied institution that it is today. One of four women in her graduate school class at Harvard University, she nurtured generations of students and was a vital part of dozens of committees and groups in service to the College, including the Marianopolis Board of Governors.