Every Marianopolis student benefits from personalized support outside the classroom. Beyond academic preparation from caring and accomplished faculty, students receive support from staff who specialize in a variety of areas. These support services include:

Academic Advising

Academic Advisors help students plan their Marianopolis studies and provide guidance when it comes time to consider and apply to university.

AccessAbility Centre

The AccessAbility Centre offers accommodations for temporary or long-term diagnosed disabilities and learning difficulties.


Counsellors help with mental health concerns, personal matters, career exploration and life skills. Students can seek individual therapy or come to various workshops and group sessions offered throughout the year.

Financial Aid

The Financial Aid Office educates students about budgeting and helps them apply for the various forms of financial aid, bursaries and scholarships available.


The College nurse and First Aid Team take care of students’ physical health.

Information Technology Services

A full-service IT department, where students can borrow laptops, digital cameras and much more.

Learning Resources Centre

The Learning Resources Centre offers tutoring for students who need extra attention in a particular course. Typically, tutors are current or former Marianopolis students who have excelled in the subject matter.


The Library offers a wealth of online resources and print collections, excellent research assistance from expert staff and a beautiful space to study.

Student Affairs

Student life sets Marianopolis apart. Our animators support our vibrant and close-knit community with nearly 100 student-run clubs and dozens of activities each week. 

Writing Centre

The Writing Centre helps students improve their English or French language skills, working individually with our professional staff.

of our grads attend university!