"Marianopolis welcomes students from all cultures, faiths and social and economic backgrounds to come together within and beyond the classroom in mutual respect and trust." That idea in the College’s Vision statement reflects how Marianopolis has been a close-knit community based on inclusivity, accessibility and excellence since it was founded in 1908. Whether it’s entrance scholarships, tuition credits or a welcoming and expert Financial Aid Office, we accept academically qualified students, no matter their economic circumstances. 

Financial Aid

About 250 Marianopolis students receives financial support, thanks to donations from parents, alumni and friends to The Marianopolis Millennium Foundation and to funding from external bodies.


As part of its mission to support students through scholarships and financial aid, Marianopolis offers scholarships and bursaries, ranging from a few hundred dollars each to full tuition.


As a private institution, Marianopolis is only partially subsidized by the government. The balance of funding comes from tuition.

More than
of our students receive financial aid