As part of its mission to support students through scholarships and financial aid, Marianopolis offers a variety of scholarships and bursaries each year, ranging from a few hundred dollars each to full tuition. Some of the major entrance scholarships are renewable into a student’s second year. The College also offers scholarships exclusively for returning students.

Funded by The Marianopolis Millennium Foundation, scholarships are awarded according to established criteria and cannot exceed that year’s tuition amount. 

Fall 2021 Scholarships

For scholarships granted by application, students must apply online by March 1 for the next academic year. For scholarships or bursaries awarded by invitation, eligible candidates will be identified by the College and invited via Omnivox to apply.

Director General’s Merit Scholarship ($3,000): 16 renewable scholarships for incoming students with stellar high school grades. Each program has its own Merit Scholarship. Eligible students will be invited to apply when they get their admissions letter. Students are invited to apply based on their grades from Secondary IV and term grades from Secondary V.

Director General’s Student Life Scholarship ($3,000): five renewable scholarships for incoming students in any program with significant potential to contribute to the quality of student life at the College and who demonstrate a history of involvement in clubs or activities in their school or community.   

McQueen Family Social Justice Scholarship ($2,000): for an incoming student in any program who demonstrates leadership in social justice issues.

How to apply

Supporting documents:

    1. your curriculum vitae. This should include a personal statement that captures the best of you in 100 words or less, followed by an outline of any employment or volunteering experience, extra-curricular activities, special skills and hobbies, awards and honours
    2. two letters of recommendation, one from a teacher or staff member of your high school; both letters must describe how the person knows you and provide information that supports your application (your character and personal qualities, previous work or involvement, etc.)

Students who need additional financial support must also provide the following if they would like their scholarship to be supplemented and they can apply for financial aid:

    1. the most recent provincial income tax notice of assessment of your parent, guardian or sponsor with whom you reside or most recently resided

A selection committee will choose the recipients based on the overall quality of their application. You will be notified of the committee’s decision before your deadline to confirm your attendance at the College. The amount of financial aid awarded cannot exceed the tuition cost for that year.

For more information about financial aid and scholarships, contact the Financial Aid Clerk.