As a private college, Marianopolis charges tuition and receives partial funding from the provincial government. Tuition and fees for one academic year of full-time studies are detailed below. A student is considered to be full time when registered in four or more courses or for 180 class/lab hours or more per semester. Each academic year has two semesters. Fees are subject to change by the College or the Ministry of Higher Education.

Fees for the 2022-2023 Academic Year

Tuition (per year)


Auxiliary fee (per year)


Student union fee (per year)


Donation to The Marianopolis Millennium Foundation (per year; optional)


Application fee for Canadian students (non-refundable)


Application fee for international students (non-refundable)


Confirmation fee (per year; non-refundable)


Non-Quebec resident student fee* (per year)


International student fee** (per year)


International student insurance** (per year)


Part-time studies (per year; per credit)


Special fees for some Physical Education courses


Courses taken beyond diploma requirements (per course hour)


Graduation fee (third semester only)


Transcript fee


Late registration fee


Late payment fee


Returned cheque fee


*Non-Quebec resident fee

Students who are not Quebec residents as defined by the Ministry of Higher Education are required to pay the non-Quebec resident fee indicated above, subject to change by the Ministry of Higher Education.

**International student fee

Students studying in Canada on a student visa are required to pay the international student fee indicated above, subject to change by the Ministry of Higher Education. These students are also required to purchase insurance from the College at an estimated cost of $875 per year.


Students can expect to pay approximately $500-$700 for new textbooks. They may also buy used textbooks from other students online. Students who qualify for financial aid are eligible for book credits to offset the cost of textbooks.

Tax Credits

The College issues tax receipts for tuition that are eligible for the calculation of tax credits. For more information, please consult your tax specialist.

RESP Funds

RESP funds may be applied toward a student’s Marianopolis education. For information, please consult your financial advisor.

Payment options

Tuition is payable online through all major banks.

Option Iin full upon receipt of the invoice.

Option IIfirst installment due on the first day of classes each semester, second installment due five weeks later. For more information, students should check Omnivox.

For more information about tuition, contact the Finance Clerk.