Marianopolis paves way to French pharmacy studies

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Laura Delucilla, a 2013 Marianopolis graduate, is set to finish her pharmacy studies at the Université de Montréal in the Doctorat de premier cycle en pharmacie (Pharm. D.) program. Here is what she had to say about how Marianopolis prepared her for studies at a French university in the province’s only pharmacology program.

Q: Which class at Marianopolis had the most impact on you and how?

A: I really enjoyed my biology classes. They encouraged me to pursue my studies in the sciences. Overall, Marianopolis really helped prepare me for university. I developed study skills and a work ethic that led me to succeed in university.

Q: What were your fondest memories during your time at the College?

A: Hanging out with my friends in the cafeteria and on the front lawn during Activity Period.

Q: What was the most rewarding part of your program?

A: Getting into the pharmacy program at the end of my two years at Marianopolis.

Q: What is different between your Marianopolis experience and U de M?

A: College was a steppingstone for university. The degree of freedom and the social aspect between college and university were very similar.

Q: What resources were most useful to you while at Marianopolis?

A: The teachers. They make themselves available and are always there to answer your questions.