Meet Matthew Flanagan: behind the plaid

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One of many Marianopolis employees who helps students is Matthew Flanagan, the College’s Information Services Librarian. It’s all part of the Marianopolis difference, all the extra support students get when they choose to come to the College.

With two master’s degrees (one in English Literature from Dalhousie University, the other in Library and Information Science from McGill University), he is one of several librarians who make sure that by the time they graduate, students are prepared for university studies.

“Starting in their first semester, each student has at least two training sessions from librarians,” says Matthew, who is known for his helpful dedication to students as well as for always wearing plaid shirts. “Honestly, I do that because plain shirts are boring,” is his explanation. But back to getting prepared for university.

“Our goal at the College is to prepare students for university. For us at the Library it means that students know how to search for material, how to do citations, how to find the information they need to excel at their courses – all so they have a step up when they are starting university.”

Matthew also runs the Library’s Pinterest page, which he calls “a way to create a virtual bookshelf for the new books we are constantly getting. So people can go online and see what new books we have.”

Each month, about 80 titles are added to the Library’s collection of 44,000-plus circulating books. The Library also boasts 29 online databases, giving students access to countless ebooks, online references and journal articles – and don’t forget films, all of which Marianopolis students can access free of charge on campus and from home.