Academic Support Services

Support Services

We are dedicated to student success in all its forms so we offer an impressive array of student support. The following support services, on campus and online, provide personalized help to students each day.

AccessAbility Centre

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The AccessAbility Centre is where students with documented disabilities receive personalized professional accommodations. Students with learning or physical disabilities, ADHD, visual and auditory impairments, and temporary disabilities are able to receive one-on-one coaching or group workshops on learning and organizational strategies, student advocacy, faculty support, information for parents and help in transitioning from high school and/or to university.

Academic Advising

Our Academic Advisors help students understand their program at the College and are invaluable resources when it comes time to think about and plan for university.  They help students work toward their academic goals, offer help, and guide them as they decide about and apply to university. Whether it’s arranging visits from university representatives, having individual meetings about their academic path or holding workshops about university applications, the Academic Advisors are an integral source of support.

Writing Centre

Students who want to improve their English or French skills have at their disposal the expert help of the Writing Centre. They can meet one-on-one with our Writing Professional or take advantage of various workshops throughout the year.


Peer and Alumni Tutoring helps students who need help in a specific course among a wide variety of disciplines. They have one-on-one sessions with trained tutors who are Marianopolis students or alumni. Tutors are selected thanks to their strong academic performance in a particular discipline.    

Mental Health

The College’s commitment to sound mental health is evidenced by the multi-faceted support and resources that are available to students. Our expert team includes psychotherapists, psychologists, guidance counsellors and a social worker. Each is committed to providing confidential help so that students build self-awareness, resilience and skills that foster academic success and personal growth. They offer individualized sessions, group workshops, referrals and self-help resources.

Library Services

A wealth of print and digital resources are available at our library, as are expert librarians. A beautiful space in which to study, the library is also a key part of the pre-university preparation that gives our graduates an advantage when they get to university. 


Financial Aid and Scholarships

Financial accessibility is a longstanding value at Marianopolis. We welcome academically qualified students, whatever their economic circumstances. Marianopolis charges tuition and receives partial funding from the provincial government. We provide financial aid to about one in five of our students. Our Financial Aid Office is there to help students.

Student Admissions

Admissions and International Student Admissions

Our Admissions staff are ready to answer your questions about the College, offer advice and remind you of our various application deadlines and procedures. They can also help international students. Many of us are Marianopolis graduates and all of us are eager to look over your applications and do our best to admit you.

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