Arts and Sciences

Science, society and art: scientific reasoning with artistic expression

Who is the program for?

Are you a high-achieving student who is interested in the Sciences and also the Social Sciences and Arts? Are you curious, creative and motivated and like to approach issues from different perspectives? Then the Marianopolis Arts and Sciences program may be the perfect fit for you.

Where does it lead?

All undergraduate university programs in Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities, Business and Fine Arts, as well as professional programs such as Architecture, Dentistry, Education, Engineering, Law, Medicine and Physical and Occupational Therapy.

Arts and Sciences

The best of all worlds. That’s the Marianopolis Arts and Sciences program. Why choose between the Arts and the Sciences when you can take a deep dive into science, society and art instead as you complete your college diploma?

At Marianopolis, we structure our Arts and Sciences program so that what you learn is integrated and covers common and complex themes. This way, you examine issues from different viewpoints. This personalized and multifaceted journey equips you with the necessary tools to succeed in any academic pursuit. Ours is a small, elite program so you take the journey with likeminded peers with whom you make intellectual connections and life-long friendships.

It is the ideal program for motivated young people who are curious, creative, high achievers in math and English, academically versatile and who can’t help but make intellectual leaps across subjects. It opens doors to all university programs, including medicine.

As a Marianopolis Arts and Sciences student, you are guaranteed access to up to six Science courses, four Math courses, up to five Social Science courses and up to three courses in Art and Art History. You can take enriched versions of some Science and Math courses and participate in all of the enriching Science activities available at Marianopolis: Science Fair, Robotics, The Lab Project, competitions in Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Math and Physics, hackathons and more. You also participate in ArtsFest, our annual two-week arts festival and a beloved Marianopolis tradition.

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