Liberal Arts

Looking to the past to understand the present and shape the future: critical thinking and knowledge-based

Who is the program for?

Liberal Arts is the program for you if you are passionate about knowledge, curious, an intellectual rebel, interested in complex ideas, challenge preconceived notions, keen on answering life's big questions, drawn to balancing creativity and analysis and love to explore and investigate.

Where does it lead?

  • Writing, journalism, communications
  • Teaching – university, college, high school
  • Research – institutes, universities
  • Government, including Foreign Service
  • Law
  • Museology, conservation
  • Theatre – performance, community development
  • Cinema
  • Business, management
  • Non-profit sector

Liberal Arts

Liberal Arts at Marianopolis guides you to examine the past, understand the present, and shape the future. You explore the history of western civilization, informed by Indigenous and non-western perspectives. Through the lens of history, philosophy, literature and religious studies, you develop an understanding of the ideas and events that have fashioned our world.

The dedicated teachers of our program have two goals: to mentor you to become the best university candidate possible and to share with you their love of knowledge for its own sake.

Liberal Arts at Marianopolis is a small honours program that structures semesters in chronological order – from the Ancient world to the Medieval, Modern and Contemporary. This way, you make easy connections between the different ways of examining the rich and exciting history of this civilization.   

Along the way you get to experience life as a university student thanks to unique partnerships with McGill and Concordia universities. Optional placements in local organizations give you hands-on experience in the real world.

You also get the benefit of all the many co-curricular activities that make the Marianopolis experience enriching and memorable. Trips to museums, architectural tours, seminars with visiting professors, participating in our annual arts festival, connecting with our amazing graduates who return to campus to connect with our current students – all this and more characterizes what it means to be a student at our College and fits perfectly with being a Liberal Arts student.

What is also of great appeal is that in addition to core courses, you select seven electives from a wide offering in Social Sciences, Fine Arts, Literature, Communications and Math, the latter of high importance if you are considering university programs with Math prerequisites.

At the end of two years, you will graduate from Marianopolis with a deep understanding of the events and ideas that have shaped our world, able to use important skills such as analysis, critical thinking and research, ready for university.

Almost nine out of 10 our Liberal Arts graduates are admitted to their first-choice university program. Most go on to careers in law, human services, academia, business and communication.

You will join the dynamic network of Marianopolis Liberal Arts alumni, based on the strong friendships you formed at the College and your shared viewpoints and passions.

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