Social Science

Leadership and adaptability for problem-solving using rigorous methodologies and analytical thinking

Who is the program for?

The Social Science Program at Marianopolis is for you if you want to understand the WHY and HOW of social issues and human behaviour; have an analytical mind and want to solve the problems you see in the world; are a young leader and want to learn how to have an impact on your community; or are an aspiring researcher, psychologist, business leader, policymaker, lawyer, educator, manager, analyst, consultant, social worker, community leader or changemaker.

Where does it lead?

  • Accounting
  • Actuarial Mathematics
  • Administration
  • Anthropology
  • Archaeology
  • Banking
  • Business, Finance
  • Corporate Law
  • Criminology
  • Ecology
  • Economics
  • Education
  • Geography
  • Human Resources
  • Journalism, Broadcasting
  • Law
  • Marketing
  • Political Science
  • Psychology, Social Work
  • Public Policy
  • Urban Planning

Social Science

Social Science at Marianopolis is a popular program with 9 profiles, each designed to allow you to explore a field that captures your interest, prepares you for university and opens many career options.

No matter which profile you opt for, as a Marianopolis Social Science student you have the flexibility to choose from the wide range of Social Science disciplines and specialized courses. Our faculty’s focus on methodological rigour and the College’s tradition of excellence prepare you to take on the challenges of a world filled with information and misinformation. What’s more, thanks to the College’s small size and dedication to the success of each student, our knowledgeable and caring Social Science faculty mentor, inspire and guide you.

Our profiles allow you to customize your educational path through the program based on your particular and unique interests. Each Social Science profile has a few profile-specific core courses. For example, all of our Commerce students take Fundamentals of Business, Microeconomics and Calculus I and II, while all of our Psychology students take Human Biology and Applied Statistics, two courses that they would otherwise need to take at university. If you are not sure what future lies ahead for you, consider our General profile. It is our most flexible profile and it gives you the most choice in terms of which courses to take. If you take the two Math option, the General profile opens doors to Business programs at university.

We are the only college in the province that offers the Math and Finance profile, which is a great way for students who enjoy Math to work toward a range of rewarding university programs and careers that demand strong quantitative and analytical skills.

No matter the profile, our Social Science students thrive because of our faculty’s dedication and the unparalleled support we offer in and out of the classroom.

Learn more about Social Science at Marianopolis on our website created for prospective students and in our Viewbook.

Discover our 9 profiles to find which one is right for you:

Musicians may also choose to study both Social Science and Music in a three-year Double DEC concentration program. They can earn two CEGEP diplomas, one in Social Science, the other in Music.

The Marianopolis College Commerce Mentorship Program is a mentoring and networking program designed to cultivate long-lasting relationships among our students and alumni. Its main goal is to provide our students with trusting relationships, positive attitudes, role models and life skills that help them succeed in their roles as professionals and as contributing and responsible members of the larger community. Our alumni mentors are studying in prestigious academic programs in Law, Economics, Commerce, Investment Management and Accounting, among others, or working for prestigious law firms or companies such as TD Bank, Goldman Sachs, Dejardins, KPMG, Ubisoft and Ernst&Young. This program was specially created for our Commerce profile, but accepts applications from students in any program at the College.

The Marianopolis Model United Nations Club (MariMUN) is one of the biggest and most ambitious student-run clubs at the College. Every year, hundreds of students participate in Model UN conferences hosted by various schools and universities around Montreal, in Canada and abroad. MariMUN hosts its own weekend-long conference every February. The MariMUN delegation has also participated and done very well at WorldMUN, a Harvard-sponsored international conference hosted in such locations as Madrid, Melbourne and Seoul. MariMUN is a fantastic learning experience and a major gateway to the world of law, politics, business, research and more. Many MariMUN alumni have moved on to be leaders in Model UN university conferences. Professionally, several of them have become lawyers, doctors and engineers, and still enjoy a good debate on current issues.

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