Whether we are faculty, staff or administrators, at Marianopolis we believe that our job is to provide each student  with exceptional learning experiences that are intellectually, personally and socially transformative.

We do this by offering an excellent pre-university preparation in six programs, unparalleled support and a vibrant student life.

Our 2,000 students are the definition of diverse. They come from all backgrounds and from more than 170 high schools from throughout Greater Montreal and the world. What they have in common is a motivation to excel and a deep appreciation for community.

Ours is a caring and close-knit campus environment, with classes that are on average 25% smaller than at public colleges, helpful faculty and staff who know students by name and classmates who support each other and form strong bonds.

As a result, our success metrics are unmatched. Year after year, our students get the top R-Scores in the province, graduate on time at a rate that no other school can match and are admitted to the world’s top universities.

Unparalleled Success Data

Students do better at Marianopolis than they would elsewhere, regardless of their incoming high school average. A big indicator of success is the ability to graduate on time. That is something our students do extremely well compared to students at other schools. On average, the proportion of Marianopolis students who graduate on time is double the rate of other pre-university colleges.


Marianopolis provides the best preparation for university studies, regardless of program. Nine out of ten Marianopolis students go directly to university after graduation, the vast majority in their first-choice program. In several highly competitive programs, Marianopolis students occupy more spots each year than all other Montreal colleges combined.

Compared to other Montreal colleges, more Marianopolis graduates have R-Scores in the higher ranges. For example, as illustrated below, Marianopolis graduates achieved higher overall R-Scores on average, relative to students from other Montreal colleges for each of the College’s academic programs over a five-year sample calculated by the Bureau de coopération interuniversitaire (BCI). BCI is the non-profit organization that represents all Quebec universities and calculates the R-Score. Also illustrated below:

  • 89% Marianopolis students had an R-Score above 28
  • 71% Marianopolis students had an R-Score above 30, making them eligible for most competitive university programs
  • 25% Marianopolis students had an R-Score above 34
  • 10% Marianopolis students had an R-Score above 36



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