Student Life and Clubs 

“The Marianopolis difference” is a unique combination of academic rigour, personalized support and a dynamic student life.

We are the only college where all classes pause twice a week so that students can explore all that we offer outside the classroom. During these universal breaks, students have the opportunity to participate in activities that are related to their programs and others that are all about fun. Students can hear from guest speakers, participate in all sorts of events, play sports, hang out with friends, study, relax and more. We have over 100 student-run clubs, several animators, many athletics teams and tons of enriching activities.

The sense of community involvement continues despite the pandemic and is as strong as ever now that we are all together again on campus. We look forward to welcoming you!

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Marianopolis students also enjoy many forms of enrichment in and out of the classroom, each of which demonstrates that academic excellence and personal development go hand in hand.

Marianopolis is the only college that offers five certificates centering on various social themes:

• Environmental Studies
• Gender and Sex/uality Studies
• Indigenous Studies
• Law and Social Justice
• Third World Studies

Any student in any program may take one or more of these certificates to deepen their understanding of a specific theme. Students partake in activities outside the classroom and take specific but not additional courses.

As well, students may apply for admission to one of our Honours Profiles: Honours Science (in Honours Health Science or Honours Pure and Applied Science), Honours Social Science and Honours Commerce. You can apply into those three Honours profiles directly from high school.

We also have two Honours Certificates, the Honours Science Certificate and the Honours Social Science Certificate. Both are available to Arts and Sciences students. The Honours Social Science Certificate is also available to students in certain Social Science profiles. The requirements for completion of either Honours Certificate are the same as for the Honours Profiles mentioned above.


Every April Marianopolis is transformed into a cultural exhibit. The art work of students in all programs is displayed throughout the College for two weeks. Free and open to the public, ArtsFest features video, theatre and literary works, music and art of all kinds. A highlight is the ArtsFest Concert, featuring students from our unique Music program. 

Arts Trip

Any student may spend three action-packed days at an arts mecca each fall. Faculty with expertise in visual arts, art history and the humanities accompany the students, as they enjoy museums, architectural and creative hubs, theatre performances and more. Destinations have included Boston, New York City and Toronto.

Sports, Fitness and Sport-Études

Thanks to the College’s intercollegiate, intramural and club teams and a complement of physical education facilities, students have many opportunities for athletics, sports and recreation.   

The Marianopolis mascot is the Demon. Its namesake teams have been competing at the CEGEP level for three decades.

Alliance Sport-Études

Elite student-athletes don’t have to give up their sport thanks to the College’s partnership with Alliance Sport-Études. They are able to succeed both in their school and sport, in many cases excelling academically while competing internationally. They are assigned an Academic Advisor who helps them throughout their studies. They can register for courses early so as to accommodate their training and competition schedules.

Learn more about sport-études at Marianopolis.


Upon graduating from Marianopolis, students become part of the impressive network of more than 37,000 alumni across the world. Our alumni remain connected to the College. They mentor students, share their expertise, deliver lectures and help to nurture the next generation of Marianopolis students.

Here are some of our notable alumni.

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