Real world experience in an international context

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Marianopolis students spent part of last summer in Germany, as business-world veteran and Marketing Professor Delorme led the course Global Perspectives on Trade and Society. On each of the 17 days that they spent abroad, visiting Berlin, Frankfurt, Heidelberg and Munich, they met with senior executives from Audi, Deutsche Bank and Mercedes-Benz, among other companies.

“This allowed them to bridge the gap between the theoretical knowledge assimilated in class and the real-world business experiences of international practicioners,” says Professor Delorme, who is planning another business course to Germany this summer.

That course will be open to all students at Marianopolis. Depending on a student’s program, it will be available as part of the students’ specific education or complementary courses.

Check out what Professor Delorme, one of many Marianopolis professors who bring real-world experience to their students, has to say about teaching at the College.