Have you received an offer from another college?

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Have you received an offer from another college?

If you have applied to Marianopolis College and have received an acceptance to another college and must confirm soon, please contact us.

We can evaluate your file early if you submit the following documents to the Admissions Office in person or by email, admissions@marianopolis.edu:

  • Copy of the acceptance letter with the deadline to confirm from the other college
  • Copy of the Secondary IV Relevé from the government
  • Copy of Term 1 grades from your current high school (and Term 2 if available)
  • Your 7 digit student number/ application number (203-XXXX)

We at the Marianopolis Admissions Office believe that every student should choose a school wisely. So we would be happy to evaluate your admission file before you need to confirm to another college.