Smile: easily transition from French high school to Marianopolis

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Hamid Sadr Ghayeni, a 2011 graduate of Marianopolis College, took time out of his busy schedule training to be a dentist to talk about his experiences at Marianopolis. He completed his studies in Dentistry at the Université de  Montréal, and is currently completing an internship in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at Montefiore Medical Centre in New York City.

Q: What was it like to go from École Secondaire La Voie to studying Health Science at the College?

A: Coming from a public French high school, many things were different. First, there is a large selection of elective courses which allows you to learn about subjects you  are interested in without them having anything to do with your program. That was a big plus. Another reason why I loved Marianopolis so much wasn’t only because I had a lot more freedom, but also because everyone else did as well; meaning, people who came to class were there to listen and learn. This made for a very pleasant learning environment. Lastly, it was always possible to have one-on-ones with professors any time you desired. Because of this, student-professor relationships were great. Teachers knew you were there to learn, and I knew that my teachers were all truly invested in my success. This encouraged me to work harder than I had ever done so before in my academic life. After Marianopolis I studied Dietetics at McGill and then I started Dentistry at Université de  Montréal. Marianopolis definitely gave me a good work ethic and taught me not only how to organize myself better, but also how to have a more human relationship with my professors; this has particularly helped me throughout my university studies.

Q: What was your favourite class at Marianopolis?

A: Math with Dr. Alain Léger. He was the first teacher to treat me as an equal and it was an interesting relationship after a lifetime of being in school and always being your teachers’ inferior. I realized no matter who you are, we’re all just humans trying to get through the day.

Q: What about the social life at the College?

A: I met some of the most beautiful people during my time at Marianopolis, with such a grand diversity of backgrounds, ideologies and points of view. I learned a lot at Marianopolis, in and outside of the classroom.

Q: What made you choose Marianopolis, a private college?

A: I knew classes were going to be a lot smaller than at public CEGEPs and that the school had a great reputation. All these years later, I’m happy about my choice and would do it all over again. Without a doubt.

Q: Which resources were most useful to you while at the College?

A: Office hours, office hours, office hours. You can see any prof during their office hours regardless of whether they are teaching you that semester or not and they’ll help you with any question you have. This is truly a lifesaver.

Q: Do you have any advice for high school students considering Marianopolis?

A: The creative minds within the walls of Marianopolis are numerous and it’s a shame if you stick to your comfort zone/your group of friends and not take advantage of all the interesting things happening at the College. This led me to taking part in a theatre-play during my second year. I was the only person in the play studying Health Science, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t welcome.