What better way to check out Marianopolis?

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There is no better way to get a taste of life at Marianopolis than to participate in the College’s popular Student-for-a-Day program. Just ask Tania Azarnia and Nicholas Karalis, Collège Laval students who say they thoroughly enjoyed spending a day in academic and social settings at Marianopolis.

“The program helps you test the waters before diving in,” is how Tania put it.

Tania and Nicholas were both especially wowed by Professor Maurice Dufour’s Understanding Power class. In this course, students learn about different forms of governments and regimes, from democracies to dictatorships, and hold moot court simulations.

“The class was a mix between economy and commerce,” Tania said. “I enjoyed it very much and hope to take it next year.”

Nicholas felt at ease not just with the subject matter but with the teacher, too. “Professor Dufour made the material very interesting and his class had a strangely comfortable ambiance. We were immediately accepted into the class and I enjoyed participating.”

For both high school students, the experience of spending a day at the College sealed the deal.

“I came to campus with the intention of applying and Student-for-a-Day just made me realize how excited I am to do so,” Tania said.

“I’ll be applying. The people at Marianopolis seem very nice. Everyone I met was cheerful and helpful and the teachers were interesting,” Nicholas said.

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