Why a Math Diagnostic Test?

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Personalized support is one of the most critical resources that await you as a Marianopolis student. The diagnostic and placement tests we give to admitted students are an example of the customized support in which we take pride. There is no need to study for these tests or to worry about them: they don’t affect your admission, as they are given to you because you have been admitted and because we want to adapt the support we offer to you to help you succeed in college.

We understand that, due to the pandemic, the last two years of high school were particularly challenging for students who are joining us in August, so we have added a math diagnostic test for all students taking math to allow us to best prepare our fall semester courses.

Attending our private college also means you benefit from classes that are on average 25% smaller than at public colleges, caring faculty and a wide range of excellent support services , from peer tutoring to academic advising and more.

Our unique dedication to student success contributes to why Marianopolis students are accepted into their first-choice program at their first-choice university, year after year.