Documents to upload to complete your application

Once you have submitted an online application, please upload the following documents in Omnivox to complete your admission file. Remember to jot down your 7-digit student number for future reference and include it on all supplemental documents.

For students affected by the 2023-2024 Quebec school strikes: In order to minimize delays in processing your application, we recommend asking your school to submit your second term Secondary V grades as early as possible. You will not be penalized for any delay of grades due to school strikes.

Documents  to  upload  in  omnivox
Title Description

Quebec Student

Canadian Student


Birth Certificate A clear and legible photocopy of your original long-form birth certificate (with both parents' names). As well, an official translation, if the original birth certificate is not in English or French. X X X
Permanent Resident or Canadian Citizenship Card

Proof of Canadian citizenship or permanent resident status if born outside Canada:

  • a clear and legible photocopy of both sides of the Canadian Citizenship Certificate or Permanent Residency Card;
  • a signed and completed Attestation of Quebec Resident Status form with the required documents to demonstrate your status (for example a parent's RAMQ card or your own Certificat de selection du Quebec - CSQ)
X X  
Letter of Intent

Letter of intent if applying to the following programs:

  • Arts and Sciences
  • Liberal Arts
  • Honours Science profiles
Transfer Documents If you are transferring from another college please provide an Interim Evaluation of your current semester, an official transcript, and a letter of intent explaining why you wish to transfer to Marianopolis. X    
High School Transcript or Report Card

Your high school transcript or report card if:

  • you did not attend Secondary IV and V in Quebec; please send your entire high school report card and mid-term grades for the year in progress
  • you attended Marie de France or Stanislas (3e and 2e)
  • your high school does not transmit grades through SRAM (Secondary V term 1 grades)
High School Diploma A clear and legible photocopy of your high school diploma, if obtained.   X X

French Proficiency Test Results

Required for:

  • all students who are completing their high school studies outside of Quebec
  • students who attend English high school in Quebec but do not have a Certificate of Eligibility (CoE)*
  • students who attend English high school in Quebec and are applying to the Arts & Sciences program*
         X* X X
Certificat d’acceptation du Québec (CAQ) A clear and legible photocopy of your Certificat d’acceptation du Québec, valid for the duration of your studies at Marianopolis (can only be obtained with the admission letter).     X
Study Permit from Immigration Canada A clear and legible photocopy of your study permit from Immigration Canada valid for the duration of your studies at Marianopolis (can only be obtained with the admission letter).     X
College Health and Accident Insurance Form Foreign students are required to participate in the College’s health and accident insurance plan.     X

Reminder: It is your responsibility to submit all required documents. An incomplete admission file may result in a delay in the evaluation of your application, or in cancellation. Please write your seven-digit online application number on all supplemental documents.

In case of extenuating circumstances during your studies, please include:

  • A letter from a doctor describing major illness/accidents
  • A short letter explaining your situation