Scientific reasoning with artistic expression

The Arts and Sciences program at Marianopolis, also known as Sciences, lettres et arts or the DEC intégré, is a two-year, pre-university program that allows students to study in a wide variety of fields in the sciences, the social sciences and the arts, and to make connections between their different courses. Marianopolis is the one of the few colleges in Montreal to offer the Arts and Sciences program.


Are you a high-achieving student who is academically versatile and interested in the Sciences as well as the Social Sciences and Arts? Are you curious, creative and motivated  to excel? Do you like to approach issues from different perspectives? Then the Marianopolis Arts and Sciences program may be the perfect fit for you.



All undergraduate university programs in Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities, Business and Fine Arts, as well as professional programs such as Architecture, Dentistry, Education, Engineering, Law, Medicine and Physical and Occupational Therapy.


Are you eager to continue exploring different topics without limiting your options? The Marianopolis Arts and Sciences program might be the right fit for you: instead of choosing just one path, you can delve into the Sciences, Social Sciences and the Arts as you complete your college diploma. 

At Marianopolis, we've structured our Arts and Sciences program so you will make links between courses while covering complex themes from multiple points of view. You'll get an education that is broad - with the most different kinds of classes of any program - and still dive deep into the subjects you'll need to be eligible for any program at university, including Medicine. The integrated structure of the program means that you're getting more than just interesting classes - you'll be building on knowledge and skills that will help you achieve your long-term goals. 

Ours is a tight-knit program where you take the journey with likeminded and ambitious peers with whom you'll make intellectual connections and life-long friendships. You'll also be able to participate in enrichment activities from all parts of the college: from Robotics and Math competitions to Model UN to our Annual ArtsFest and so much more. And once you arrive at university, you'll be more than ready: our graduates report that they are exceptionally well-prepared for the next challenge. 

This is the ideal program for motivated students who are curious, creative, and high achievers in French, English and Math.

Fall 2024 will be the first year of our newly revised program. The program you've heard about will be largely unchanged. The biggest difference is that you'll be able to take Computer Science as one of your electives! 

“My biggest worry before coming to Marianopolis was the challenging nature of the Arts and Sciences program and of Marianopolis itself. In fact, all of my classmates helped each other with assignments and posted study guidelines online for each other. So the challenge wasn’t competing with one another but rather competing with ourselves, to do the best we possibly could.”




Differential Calculus


Humanities: Science & Society

History of Western Civilization

Introduction to Studio Art -or- Ancient Art History

English - Classical Literature

French (Second Language or Literature)


Integral Calculus

General and Solution Chemistry

Sociology: Dynamics of Social Change

Medieval and Renaissance Art History -or- Introduction to Studio Art

Probability and Statistics

English Literature: Feudalism to Modernity

French (Second Language or Literature)

Physical Education


Introduction to Biology

Psychology of Human Behaviour

International Economics

English Literature: Romantic and Victorian Literature

Humanities: World Views

Physical Education 2

2 Choices from:

Waves and Modern Physics

Computer Science

Creative Workshop: Portfolio

French Literature 3 (only for students who will write l'Épreuve uniforme de français)


Integrative Project

Linear Algebra and Vector Geometry

Contemporary Social Issues

English: Modernism and Criticism

Humanities: Ethics of Globalization 

2 Choices from:

Comparative Physiology

Electricity & Magnetism

Structure and Reactivity of Organic Molecules

Want to know more?

If you have questions about the Arts and Sciences program, please contact:

Julie Andrews
Coordinator, Arts and Sciences Program
514.931.8792, ext. 342

For more information on applying

Admissions Office
514.931.8792, ext. 300