Bursaries,  Financial Aid and Scholarships

Financial accessibility is a longstanding value at Marianopolis. The College's financial support to students is one of the most generous in the college network and various forms of financial aid and awards are available to offset the cost of tuition.
Government Loans and Bursaries

The Quebec Government Student Loans and Bursaries Program, Aide financière aux études or AFE, gives interest-free loans based on need, not academic performance, for the duration of full-time studies. It also gives gifts of money, called bursaries. To qualify, a student must have already been awarded the maximum loan.

Apply as early as the end of May or a minimum of four to six weeks before the start of the fall semester. The AFE’s assistance assessment simulator gives an approximate idea of how much of a loan you can expect.

Tuition Credits and Book Credits

To offset the cost of tuition and textbooks, the College provides tuition credits and book credits to students who have received assistance from the Quebec Government Student Loans and Bursaries Program, Aide financière aux études or AFE.

The amounts awarded to you will be based on the availability of funds, your parents’ income, your program of study, and your particular situation. The amounts are renewable in future semesters, as long as you maintain your eligibility for AFE.

Entrance Bursaries and Scholarships
  • Director General’s Student Life Scholarship ($3,000): for incoming students in any program with significant potential to contribute to the quality of student life at the College and who demonstrate a history of involvement in clubs or activities in their schools their school or their community.
  • Gestion Luciano Salvatore Engineering Scholarship ($1,500): for an incoming student in any program who plans to pursue university studies in engineering, project management or a related field. Priority consideration will be given to students who qualify for financial aid.
  • McQueen Family Social Justice Scholarship ($2,000): for an incoming student in any program who demonstrates leadership in social justice issues.
  • Rosefellow Real Estate Scholarship ($2,500): for an incoming student with a strong academic record who demonstrates an interest in real estate or a related field. 
  • Tom McKendy Liberal Arts Bursary ($2,500): for an incoming student in the Liberal Arts program who qualifies for financial aid.

Apply on the College website before March 1 at 11:59 p.m. and include your curriculum vitae, your letter of intent, and two letters of recommendation (in English or French). You will be notified of the College's decision before your deadline to confirm your attendance at the College for the upcoming fall semester. The amount of financial aid awarded cannot exceed the tuition cost for that year.

Entrance Scholarships By Invitation
  • Director General’s Merit Scholarship ($3,000): for incoming students in each program with outstanding high school grades. Eligible students will be invited to apply when they receive their admissions letter. Eligibility is based on their grades from Secondary IV and term grades from Secondary V. The scholarship is renewable into a student's second year.

Eligible students will be identified by the College and invited to apply when they receive their admissions letter.