Pre-University Programs


Marianopolis College offers pre-university academic programs that lead to a DEC (Diplôme d’études collégiales).

We offer the following two-year pre-university programs:

We also offer the following Double DEC programs, which allow students to complete the requirements for two DECs in three years:

All programs leading to a DEC have a General Education and a Specific Education component. Both components are composed of specific courses, developed by the College, tied to objectives defined by the Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur (MEES) for each program.

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Download the College Calendar

General Education helps build a strong foundation for university and, combined with specific education or concentration courses, develops the competencies required by the entire program, including solving problems, thinking critically and creatively, adapting to new situations, exercising a sense of responsibility and communicating effectively.

All students take General Education courses in English, Humanities, Physical Education and French, as well as Complementary courses:


The goal is to have students graduate with the writing and analytical skills that will help them succeed at university and beyond. Students take one course from each of four categories:

Introduction to College English

This first-semester course helps you transition from high school. It introduces you to college-level studies in literature and helps you write an academic essay. You study at least two literary genres and are encouraged to develop your ability to analyze and write about literature.

Literary Genres

This second-semester course focuses on the study of one literary genre (e.g. novel, poetry, short story and drama) and continues to develop your thinking and communication skills.

Literary Themes

The third-semester course focuses on examples of literature which illustrate a particular theme or idea  through a variety of literary texts and continues to develop analytical, reading and writing  skills. 

Adapted to Program

The fourth-semester course focuses on specialized areas of communication and provides guidance and practical experience in specialized skills.


A placement process determines the appropriate level for each student.

Le premier cours
(formation générale commune)

Le deuxième cours
(formation générale spécifique)

For each of the required French courses, four levels are offered:
Niveau 1: Langue et expression I
Niveau 2 : Langue et communication
Niveau 3 : Langue et culture
Niveau 4 : Culture et littérature


Humanities courses deal with human achievements and ideas. They teach you to think independently about society's values and challenges. You take one course from each of the three categories.


These courses focus on how human knowledge is acquired, analyzed and used. They also emphasize how societal values affect these ways of knowing.

World Views

Societies, nations, cultures, individuals and people throughout history have different ways of seeing the world. World Views courses explore and compare the way human groups see themselves.

Adapted to Program

These courses examine ethical and social issues and build on the skills you have developed in your Knowledge and World Views courses.


Physical Education at Marianopolis promotes a healthy lifestyle through a variety of physical activities. In your first year, you take a Physical Activity and Health and a Physical Activity and Effectiveness course. In your second year, you choose one Physical Activity and Autonomy course.

Physical Activity and Health

This course is designed to help you realize how an active lifestyle promotes overall health.

Physical Activity and Effectiveness

This course gives you the opportunity to add a new skill to your activity repertoire or improve the skills you have.

Physical Activity and Autonomy

This second-year course integrates the material from your two previous physical education courses. You design a safe and effective personalized physical activity program in order to demonstrate that you lead an active lifestyle.


Complementary courses expose you to new areas and help broaden the focus of your studies. You take two courses chosen from outside of your program.

There are two additional requirements for obtaining a DEC:
  • Completing successfully the Épreuve Synthèse de Programme (Comprehensive Program Assessment). This assessment is done in the last semester and is defined by the faculty for each program.
  • Completing successfully the English Exit Exam, set and marked by the Ministry of Education. This exam is normally taken after completing three English courses.