Human Behaviour

The Human Behaviour concentration focuses on areas of Social Science that study social relationships, human behaviour, and the mind. Why do people act the way they do? How are social relationships constructed and maintained? How do we learn? What social and environmental factors influence human health and behaviour? These are some of the questions you will examine from a multidisciplinary perspective.

Students in the Human Behaviour concentration can apply to Honours after their first semester and are selected based on their academic standing and a letter of intent. Students in the Honours Distinction are enrolled in enriched sections of certain courses and engage more deeply with their program through various activities, including special guest lectures, site visits, group seminars, and social events. Information sessions will be held during the Fall semester to inform students about how to apply.


If you are naturally inquisitive about people and want to better understand relationships, social structures and how our minds work, then Human Behaviour at Marianopolis is for you.


The Human Behaviour concentration is a great stepping stone for a wide variety of university programs, including studies in Psychology, Social Work, Sociology, Criminology, Mediation and Conflict Resolution, Human Resources and Education.



Intellectual Methods in Social Science

Introduction to Psychology

Individual and Society (Sociology)

Introduction to College English


Humanities: Knowledge

Physical Education


Qualitative Research in Social Science


2 Choices of Intro-Level courses in Social Science*

English: Literary Genres

Humanities: World Views

Physical Education 

Complementary course


Quantitative Analysis in Social Science

History of the Modern World

Multidisciplinary Thematic course in Social Science

Choice of Upper-Level course in Psychology**

Human Biology^^

English: Literary Themes

French (Adapted to Program)

Physical Education


Integrative Project in Social Science 

2 Choices of Upper-Level courses in Psychology and Social Science***

Applied Statistics ^^

English (Adapted ton Program)

Humanities: Ethics (Adapted to Program)

Complementary Course

*List of Intro-Level courses to choose from:

Human Culture and Diversity (Anthropology); People, Places and Environments (Geography); Introduction to Political Science; Individual and Society (Sociology); Introduction to Religious Studies; The Just Society (Philosophy).

**List of Upper-Level Psychology courses to choose from: 

Psychological Disorders; Developmental Psychology; Social Psychology; Business Psychology; Forensic Psychology; Psychology of Sexuality. 

***Sample of Upper-Level Courses in Psychology and Social Science to choose from:

Psychological Disorders; Developmental Psychology; Social Psychology; Business Psychology; Forensic Psychology; Psychology of Sexuality; Race and Racism (Anthropology); Microeconomics; Urban Geography; Human Rights in History; Understanding Power (Political Science); Social Inequalities and Social Problems (Sociology); Fundamentals of Law. 

^^Human Biology and Applied Statistics are recommended courses for students interested in pursuing university studies in Psychology. These courses can be replaced by two optional Social Science Upper-Level courses.


Want to know more?

If you have questions about the Social Science program, please contact:

Jean-Michel Cohalan
Social Science and Commerce Department Chair and Program Coordinator
514.931.8792, ext. 365

For more information on applying

Admissions Office
514.931.8792, ext. 300