All our faculty proudly subscribe to the Marianopolis Excellence in Teaching Profile, our framework of pedagogical and professional standards that is unique in the college system.

Teaching at Marianopolis is more than what happens in the classroom: our faculty support students in various ways, from informal lunchtime study sessions in their offices, to mentoring student clubs, to helping students as they chart their course at university or even consider career options. Year after year our graduates return to the College to reconnect with the faculty who inspired, mentored and prepared them for university and the world. They tell us how well prepared they feel compared to their peers.

In recognition of this, the College created the Excellence in Teaching Profile to identify the distinctive values shared by its faculty that make the Marianopolis educational experience exceptional, and to provide a framework for supporting teachers in their ongoing pursuit of excellence.

Teacher with Students

  • Teaching with passion
  • Manifesting respect for students and their ability to succeed
  • Fostering a motivating and safe learning environment
  • Setting high academic expectations while providing support
  • Promoting the development of higher learning skills

 Teacher with Subject Matter

  • Ensuring course coherence
  • Designing for learning
  • Integrating up-to-date knowledge
  • Contextualizing knowledge

Teacher with Self

  • Developing knowledge of self
  • Demonstrating proactive self-reflection
  • Exhibiting openness to change
  • Showing continuous improvement

Teacher with Peers
and College Community

  • Collaborating with peers
  • Manifesting respect
  • Demonstrating professional judgment and integrity
  • Leveraging institutional knowledge
  • Participating actively in College life
  • Promoting social and environmental responsibility

To celebrate the ongoing dedication to educational excellence, the College created the Excellence in Teaching Award. The award recognizes a teacher who demonstrates the knowledge, skills and attitudes that characterize what it means to be chosen to teach at Marianopolis. Staff, faculty and current and former students nominate recipients each year.