Arts, Literature and Communication


The Arts, Literature and Communication program at Marianopolis is a two-year, pre-university program that allows you to express yourself while gaining all the skills and prerequisites you need to follow a university program in the arts and other non-science areas.

ALC is all about creativity and self-expression. It’s for you if you want to discover various art forms from fine arts to cinema, literature, languages, art history and theatre. ALC also gives you the opportunity to take a lot of courses that you might not be able to take in certain more focused university programs. So now is your chance to try out art history, digital art and cinema, for example.

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Ours is a multi-faceted version of the program. Other schools lock you into a profile; at Marianopolis, you get room to explore. Each semester, you get to choose all but one or two of your classes yourself. For example, if you want to take art history or cinema or philosophy each semester or not at all, you can. It’s up to you.

You will also take five classes over the four semesters with your entire ALC group. This is another highlight of ALC at Marianopolis: thanks to our program’s small size, you are part of a tight-knit community of friends. You will enjoy the camaraderie, discussion and debate that characterize ALC at Marianopolis.

Here are some interesting things that you can do if you study ALC at Marianopolis:

Arts Trip

This weekend visit to an arts mecca, such as Boston or New York, is a chance to take a guided tour of the arts scene. With your art teacher as your guide, you see in person the artwork you studied in class. You also take architectural tours and explore arts venues. To find out more, visit Arts Trip.


Every spring, the Marianopolis campus becomes one big arts show. There is every type of art all over campus, from music recitals to public readings, journal launches, film screenings and art exhibitions. The many faculty members who are artists show their work, as do Marianopolis students. Fourth-semester ALC students present creative projects as part of their course work. Is there a better way for aspiring artists and writers to immerse themselves in art or to showcase their work?

Go International

Amsterdam, Berlin, Florence, Madrid, Paris and Ladakh, India are just some of the places where students have gone as part of their Marianopolis experience. Students can also participate in study trips to places such as Cuba and Mexico, excellent places to practice Spanish!

Exchange program with Germany

If you study German at Marianopolis you can take part in a month-long exchange with a German school, experiencing an all-German environment first hand. Most exchanges take place during winter break and summer. In turn, you will welcome a German student into your home and introduce them to Montreal and life in North America.


You can also participate in a certificate in Environmental Studies, Gender and Sex/uality Studies, Law and Social Justice, Indigenous Studies or Third World Studies.



ALC is an amazing foundation for university. And if you want to get into a great undergraduate program that requires an art or writing portfolio, you will have many opportunities to work on it as an ALC student. After university, many career or graduate school options await you:

  • Art Administration
  • Art Education
  • Art History
  • Art Therapy
  • Communications, Media and Journalism
  • Comparative Literature
  • Creative Writing
  • Digital Imaging
  • Diplomacy and Foreign Relations
  • Education
  • Fashion Design
  • Film Studies
  • Graphics and Design
  • Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Law
  • Liberal Arts
  • Linguistics
  • Modern Languages
  • Museology
  • Philosophy
  • Photography
  • Public Relations
  • Religious Studies
  • Social and New Media
  • Social Sciences (Anthropology, Economics, Political Science, Sociology)
  • Studio Arts
  • Theatre
  • Translation/Interpretation

If you choose to take Mathematics courses, at university you will have more options in Accounting, Commerce and Management.

“Marianopolis is a place where I instantly felt comfortable. From learning from teachers with a wealth of knowledge to getting involved in a multitude of ways, Marianopolis became a place of expression, discovery and creativity that will stick with me forever.”

Emily Andrews, Class of ’17, Arts, Literature and Communication





Physical Education

Perspectives in Arts and

Literature I

Choose 1 Techniques course

Choose 2 Explorations courses




Physical Education


Perspectives in Arts and Literature II

Choose 1 Techniques courses

Choose 1 Explorations course


English (Memory and Imagination)



Perspectives in Contemporary Arts and Literature

Choose 2 Critique courses

Choose 1 Creation or Language course




Physical Education


Integrative Project

Choose 1 Critique course

Choose 2 Creation courses

Explorations: choose from courses in Art History, Cinema, English, Fine Arts, French, Music, Philosophy, Religious Studies and Theatre

Techniques: choose from courses in Computer Science, English, Filmmaking, Fine Arts, French and Theatre

Critique: choose from courses in Art History, Cinema, English, Fine Arts, French, Mathematics, Philosophy and Religious Studies

Creation: choose from courses in English, Filmmaking, Fine Arts, French, German, Italian, Philosophy, Spanish, Religious Studies, Theatre and Music Technology)

Want to know more?

If you have questions about the Arts, Literature and Communication program, please contact:

Selena Liss
Coordinator, Arts, Literature and Communication Program
514.931.8792, ext. 417

For more information on applying

Admissions Office
514.931.8792, ext. 300