Honours Science Event: The Concept of Time in Physics, with Professor Sjoerd Roorda

Sam TrudeauEvents, Honours

Is time a creation of our perception of reality or is it part of matter?

Université de Montréal physics professor Sjoerd Roorda explored this question and others during a special guest lecture on the concept of time in physics for more than 150 Honours Science students last week.

If Einstein viewed time as an illusion that existed only in the minds of human beings, others like Nobel-prize winning chemist and physicist Ilya Prigogine have suggested that time is neither fully predetermined nor completely random.

In his lecture, Professor Roorda introduced students to these ideas as well as new frames of reference and concepts from the field of physics that allowed them to think about time from various perspectives.

Students in the Marianopolis Honours Science program have the opportunity to connect with scientific networks through special activities like visiting research facilities, participating in problem-based learning sessions and attending scientific seminars and special guest lectures.

The College would like to thank Professor Roorda for his engaging presentation and for taking the time to speak with students after the event.