J’ai choisi Marianopolis: Michelle Hui

Rudy MoleyAlumni, Programs

Class of: 2009
Program: Social Science
High school: École secondaire Antoine-Brossard
Current profession: Municipal councillor

From a young age, Michelle Hui ’09 knew she wanted to spend time every day helping others. Her empathy and communications skills gave her an interest in volunteering and social work, so the Social Science program at Marianopolis, with its strong emphasis on community and social responsibility, seemed a natural fit. Little did she know that a business and marketing class with Professor Peter Elenakis would lead her to discover a new passion for finance that would change her academic and professional path.

“It was during my time at Marianopolis that I learned an important lesson: it’s okay to be vulnerable and to make mistakes. Try everything and allow yourself to step out of your comfort zone”. 

Michelle Hui ’09

After graduating from Marianopolis, Michelle opted to purse a Bachelor’s degree finance at Concordia University, followed by graduate studies in governance at Université Laval and a Master’s degree in public policy at McGill University’s Max Bell School of Public Policy. 

After a decade working in finance at the National Bank of Canada, Michelle decided to once again step outside of her comfort zone and to enter the realm of politics and public service. Elected as city councilor in her home town of Brossard in 2017 – a position she maintains to this day – she became the youngest councilor in the riding and the first one of Chinese heritage.

Michelle is actively involved in various committees working on issues that are meaningful to her, including in her role as president of the cultural diversity commission, vice-president of the environmental and sustainability committee, member of the urban planning committee, and member of  the Young Chinese Professionals Association (YCPA).

Michelle plans to continue blending her personal and professional interests which emerged at Marianopolis, and to move forward with the mindset that launched her on her career path – to lend a helping hand to flourishing and diverse local communities.