More Than 1,000 Students Participate in Join-a-Club Day

Sam TrudeauOn Campus, Student Life

Student club executives were busy Tuesday recruiting new members to their ranks at the College’s annual Join-a-Club Day. Over 1,000 students were in the gymnasium to choose among the more than 120 student clubs on campus.

Join-a-Club Day is an integral part of student life at the College. Marianopolis is the only school to hold Activity Period, a twice-a-week universal break that carves out dedicated time for students to participate in club activities. This affords our students the ability to connect with like-minded peers and engage with topics and issues that interest them the most.

Clubs are overseen by representatives of the Marianopolis Student Union, who collaborate with staff like Student Life Animators to make sure their members have all the tools and resources they need to explore their interests to the fullest.

Certain clubs like the Marianopolis Model United Nations (MariMun) and the Robotics Club also work closely with College faculty to organize their activities and their participation in local and international competitions. 

While clubs like Marianopolis Young Leaders Organization (MYLO) and the Reach for the Top Trivia Club have been mainstays at the College for decades, every year incoming students create new clubs that reflect their evolving areas of interest.

Whether you want to do volunteer work, take part in mock trials with legal experts, make films, practice or watch sports, learn about the human brain or entrepreneurship or even try to complete a Rubik’s Cube as quickly as possible while blindfolded (yes, there’s a club for that), you’ll be able to find a club and a group of students that share your passion.