The Liberal Arts program at Marianopolis is a two-year pre-university program that opens you to many possibilities and makes links between various areas of study, from the Arts, to History, Religion, Philosophy and more.

Liberal Arts offers an open, holistic approach to learning and development. If you have a wide variety of interests or aren’t sure what path to follow at university, the Liberal Arts program at Marianopolis is for you.

Liberal Arts presents you with facts and invites you to explore ideas. At the heart of a Liberal Arts education is the belief that learning is one of life’s lasting and deepest pleasures.

Consider the Marianopolis Liberal Arts program if you:

  • are interested in ideas and their origins
  • enjoy integrated learning where instructors build on material from other courses
  • want to belong to a community of learners with shared goals and experiences and with a love of teamwork and collaborative spirit.


Several qualities set Liberal Arts at Marianopolis apart.

The first is that we created a strong core to the program that provides a chronological survey of the writings and ideas that have shaped the modern world. Moving through the centuries, semester by semester, you see how an advance or innovation in one field influenced whatever else was going on at that time in history (for example, how the Protestant Revolution influenced the development of science). Our program offers a perspective rooted in the past and extending into the future and our students are fascinated by the continuity and connections that our program creates.


Another great reason to choose Liberal Arts at Marianopolis is its flexibility. Because our goal is to help you prepare for a wide variety of university programs in Social Science and the Arts, our program offers greater flexibility to customize your education than you will find in most Liberal Arts programs. The optional part of the program lets you choose up to seven courses from the Social Sciences, Fine Arts, Literature, Mathematics, Modern Languages or Theatre. Basically, you get to create the program that most interests you and helps you to prepare for the path you want to follow in university.

Another wonderful difference about Liberal Arts at Marianopolis is our size. Ours is a small program, with class sizes of about 30 students and amazing support from expert teachers, who are dedicated to your success at Marianopolis and university. You become close to the students in your program. Time and time again our graduates tell us that the friendships they made at Marianopolis continue throughout their lives.

Here are some interesting things that you can do if you study Liberal Arts at Marianopolis:

Liberal Arts lecture series

A tradition in the program is the annual lecture series, where students hear from renowned speakers whose research and contributions mirror the open perspective of the Liberal Arts. They include historians, art curators, economists and jurists.

Arts Trip

This weekend visit to an arts mecca, such as Boston or New York, is a chance to take a guided tour of the arts scene. With your art teacher as your guide, you see in person the artwork you studied in class. You also take architectural tours and explore arts venues. To find out more, visit Arts Trip.

Go International

Amsterdam, Berlin, Florence, Madrid, Paris and Ladakh, India are just some of the places where students have gone as part of their Marianopolis experience. Students can also participate in study trips to places such as Cuba and Mexico, excellent places to practice Spanish!


You can also participate in a certificate in Environmental Studies, Gender and Sex/uality Studies, International Studies, Law and Social Justice, Native Studies or Third World Studies.



You decide! Because Liberal Arts gives you such a solid foundation, you are prepared for university studies in virtually all programs in the Arts and Social Sciences. Liberal Arts students who take Math courses also have Business-related programs open to them at university. Our graduates have pursued careers in:

  • Writing, journalism, communications
  • Teaching – university, college, high school
  • Research – institutes, universities
  • Government, including Foreign Service
  • Law
  • Museology, conservation
  • Theatre – performance, community development
  • Cinema
  • Business, management
  • The non-profit sector

“If some institutions wonder, like their students, about their own identity and purpose, Marianopolis seems to know exactly what it is: a safe and challenging space; a warm and spirited community; a place to be different; a setting for intellectual, emotional and social development that is second to none.”

Olivia Mappin-Kasirer, Class of ’17, Liberal Arts



English – Classical Literature


Physical Education

Methodology: Liberal Arts

Ancient World: Graeco-Roman civilization

Ancient Philosophy: Socrates, Plato and Aritstotle

Judaism, Christianity and Islam: Sacred books, human histories


English – Literary Survey To 1800

Humanities – Beyond Game of Thrones - Cornerstones of medieval knowledge

Math, Logic and Critical Thinking

Post-Classical History I - From feudalism to modernity

Thematic Studies in History of Art: From Romanesque to Renaissance

2 Option Courses 


English – Literary Survey Since 1800

Humanities – Nineteenth Century Thinkers - Visions of Freedom

Physical Education

Post-Classical History II –  19th and 20th centuries

Modern Philosophy: From Descartes to Nietzsche

3 Option Courses 


English – Modernism and Critical Theory


Humanities – Just & Unjust Wars

Physical Education

Science: History and Method - Pardigm replacement and the making of the modern world

Integrative Course: Liberal Arts

2 Option Courses 

Option Courses: choose from courses in Anthropology, Art History, Biology, Business, Cinema, Creative Writing, Drawing, Film Production, Fine Arts, Geography, History, Journalism, Law, Literature, Marketing, Math, Music, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Religious Studies, Sociology, Theatre.


Want to know more?

If you have questions about the Liberal Arts program, please contact:

Dolores Chew
Coordinator, Liberal Arts Program
514.931.8792, ext. 381

For more information on applying

Admissions Office
514.931.8792, ext. 300