Activity Period: know it, love it!

Recruitment Office On Campus, Student Life

Perhaps you already know that Marianopolis College has more student clubs than any other school of its kind. But did you know that it’s the only college to holds two universal breaks, also called Activity Period, every Tuesday and Thursday?

Activity Period is an awesome opportunity for students to hear from world-renowned guest speakers, play intramural sports, participate in clubs and generally grow outside class.

“I enjoy walking around the College during Activity Period because there are so many different things going on. I’ll use last Thursday as an example: slam poetry event in the Student Lounge; chess games; debating team practice; a guest speaker discussing third world issues; several dance clubs practicing; students studying in the Library and some just out on the front lawn enjoying the sun!” That’s Student Affairs Director Leticia Yansen’s take.

Here’s what Marianopolis students said when they were asked what Activity Period means to them:

  • “Meet friends”
  • “Do homework”
  • “Socialize”
  • “Go to club events”
  • “Talk with friends”
  • “Clear my mind from my studies”
  • “Have fun”
  • “Practice my musical instrument”
  • “Relax”
  • “Meet with my teachers”
  • “Hit the Library”
  • “Go down to Sherbrooke Street”
  • “See my teachers during their office hours”
  • “Take a break from classes and relax”
  • “Go to Monkland Avenue to eat”
  • “Empty my mind”
  • “Go to the Fitness Centre and get in a good workout”
  • “Rest time!”
  • “Napping”
  • “Time for clubs!”
  • “Extracurricular activities and fun”
  • “Attend events organized by the College”